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The Humes Memorial Stroll Garden is a public garden in Mill Neck, NY.  John P. Humes had a Japanese garden built and acquired a teahouse in the 1960's.  It is now run by John P. Humes Foundation and the Nature Conservancy.  I built a new main entrance gate  in 2004 . In 2 010 they received a grant to repair the tea house and the area around it, so I built a new gate nearby.  I also worked on fixing up the tea house,  installing a new cedar shingle roof,  a new entrance door, a sleeve fence, and a new bench outside it.

The posts and beams of the gates are all unpeeled Eastern red cedar.  Each piece has to be scribed to the shape of the piece it is going into, and the main posts are scribed to stone bases, so the gate looks like it is growing from the ground.  The stones are set on a concrete pier, with a bolt going through the rock into the bottom of the post. The main posts are connected by braces to secondary posts buried in the ground which can be replaced if necessary. This traditional method is much more time consuming than just burying the bases of the posts in the ground but means the gate should last indefinitely.

Humes Memorial Stroll Garden, New York

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