Torii gates are usually placed at the entrance to a Shinto shrine, and symbolize entering a sacred space.  There are many types depending on the kind of shrine, from simple ones with natural logs to much more elaborate painted ones with tapered round posts and several part hexagonal top piece, with a copper roof.  I had never made one, but I got a call from a religious group in Virginia that wanted to build one for their garden.  They wanted a simplified version, without the other piece usually under the top piece, as shown in the drawing, but I tried to keep the traditional proportions as much as possible.  I had some Eastern red cedar logs which I made round and tapered and I used red cedar for the top piece.  I liked the unpainted cedar, but I have to admit the traditional vermilion color is certainly eye catching.  Not strictly traditional, but it was fun to build and looks nice in the garden..

Torii, VA

Daiku Woodworking